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About Us

Catholic HR is a nonprofit Human Resources organization focused on offering Catholic Dioceses the best in HR support services and tools. In our ministry, we strive to offer the best in HR advice from certified human resource professionals, with a heart toward serving the Catholic Church.


Catholic HR's partners are the Dioceses and affiliated organizations of the Catholic Church. Catholic HR brings a wealth of knowledge in solving HR problems with live phone support and a host of online tools. We will partner with organizations that serve and improve our Ministry.

Our Services: CatholicHR Live

Combining People, Technology, and Expertise to Resolve HR Issues...Immediately

CatholicHR Live is designed to support a Diocese’s existing HR department. With our trusted "live" HR Hotline and unparalleled AnswerBase, Catholic HR helps Dioceses and Parishes to resolve their most complex HR issues immediately. Our experience and infrastructure helps our Clients avoid liability by providing trusted answers based on our experience with tens of thousands of real-world cases and ensuring our HR professionals have the resources to stay current with nationwide regulation changes. HR Live service is complemented with a 24/7 self-service HR Library. Even better is to use this with our HR Advisor for assisted search to get to the relevant content quickly.

Highlights of Catholic HR Live include:

CatholicHR Hotline

  • Calls are answered Live – by a Certified HR Professional with 11 hours of accessibility every business day, 8am-7pm CST
  • National scope and expertise
  • Senior level experienced HR professionals with PHR and SPHR designations
  • Written summaries of calls are always available
  • Answers are provided in easy-to-understand "plain English"
  • E-mail is provided as an alternative to Live telephonic support
  • Advisors take time to understand specific situations so they can render sound and actionable guidance or perform appropriate follow-up research

HR Library Web Portal

  • 1000's of forms, documents, tools and templates for your HR department
  • State and Federal level employment law, compliance guides and checklists
  • Job description builder with over 2000 titles
  • Salary benchmarking
  • Regional and National compliance news
  • Data and analytics reporting on client usage provided for Enterprise Partners
  • Customers may access their personal history of questions submitted
  • Download and customize most forms and documents
  • How to hire and terminate employees to prevent costly litigation, including interviewing, hiring and screening
  • Compliance steps that clearly explain how to comply with the law to help avoid penalties or potential employee lawsuits
  • Step-by-step approach to implementing COBRA and FMLA
  • Downloadable sample employee handbook
  • Downloadable model notices, forms, policies and checklists
  • Our HR Live service is an extension of the Diocese HR staff enabling them to focus on strategic tasks while having a collaborative partner to extend their bandwidth and effectiveness.

    Consulting Services

    Our certified HR consultants can respond to your human resource needs that you simply don't have the time, expertise or resources to address effectively. Additionally, our solutions are highly customized based on the needs of the Church and are designed to deliver day-to-day efficiencies as well as long-term strategic advantage through improved HR management.

    • Customized Employee Handbooks, Policies and Procedures
    • Audit for Employee Exemption Classification
    • Industry-Specific Injury and Illness Prevention Programs
    • Internal Investigations
    • Talent Management and Retention
    • Industry-Specific Job Descriptions
    • Performance Management & Appraisal Process and Procedures
    • Audit of Human Resource Department and Core Functions for State and Federal Compliance
    • Audit for Health, Safety, Security and OSHA Compliance
    • California Mandated AB1825 Sexual and Other Unlawful Harassment Training
    • Employee and Union Relations
    • Hiring, On-Boarding, Termination, Reduction in Force and Suspension of Employees
    • Executive Career Coaching for Displaced Workers