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Catholic HR works hand-in-hand with Catholic Dioceses across the US to support their Human Resources needs. Catholic HR Hotline is the primary platform and service. Catholic HR will consult and provide additional support to our partners upon request.


Catholic HR's partners are the Dioceses and affiliated organizations of the Catholic Church. Catholic HR brings a wealth of knowledge in solving HR problems with live phone support and a host of online tools. We will partner with organizations that serve and improve our Ministry.

About Catholic HR

Our mission is to provide proactive services allowing the human potential within the Catholic Church to flourish.

Why Catholic HR?

Effective Human Resources is essential to maintaining an efficient and positive organizational culture. Central to the Catholic Church’s mission is effective management of volunteer and employee human capital.

Today’s complicated state and federal regulatory compliance statutes make it nearly impossible for any individual HR professional to keep up. CatholicHR provides a confidential, on-demand live resource to get trusted, immediate HR answers for Dioceses and Parishes. Additionally, our administrative services assist in building positive work cultures through services that assist you to recruit, train, retain, evaluate, compensate and develop your resources.

Our Company

Catholic HR is a non-profit organization founded in faith with deep experience in providing services to the Catholic Church blended with the HR professional experience derived from both the secular and faith based organizations. We are sensitive to the Catholic Church’s unique perspective while maintaining the knowledge of state and federal compliance requirements. Our CatholicHR Live service has resolved tens of thousands of issues every year leveraging the knowledge of our certified HR professionals, 300 data sources and an AnswerBase of 50,000 case histories. We also have a staff of highly trained and experienced HR professionals who can provide consulting service to address any specific need the Church has whether it be training, recruiting, compliance or the like.

We are devoted to earning your trust as your reliable resource for today and tomorrow—at all times guided by our religious beliefs, cultural traditions and financial preferences.